Shop drawing is one of the main stages of construction.

Just like any other task, fabricating a steel structure needs a detailed drawing. In engineering drawing, for instance, you can find information about the primary and secondary elements. Also, connection type and lateral resistant system.

So why do we need Shop drawing? Why engineered drawing is not enough for fabrication?

Here’s why:

You can only expect general information from an engineering drawing. In other words, they are not fully detailed for construction. Thus, fabricators need a different document to initiate the construction.

Shop drawing
Steel detailing, front view

Shop drawing is the product of the steel detailing process. Therefore, steel detailing is the process of making a set of detailed drawings.

What is the shop drawing output?

Three principle outputs as follow:

  • Single part drawing
  • Assembly drawing
  • General arrangement drawing

Each category has its own duty.

The significant duties of a reliable single part drawing

Fabrication starts with Single part drawing. I usually call shop drawing, like a puzzle. When all parts place in their right position, it will make an assembly.

It is important to provide a single part drawing precisely. In other words, the more precise single part drawing, the easier assembling will outcome.

In the single part drawing, we can see the following details:

  • Hole diameter
  • Part dimension
  • Cutting angle
  • Quantity in assembly
  • Total quantity

What is the best aim of assembly shop drawing?

Besides single part drawing, assembly drawing plays an important role in the fabrication. By connecting single parts, an assembly is formed. So, assembly drawing is the main part of the shop drawing.

So what does all this mean? Let me give you an example:

By attaching a HEA300, base plate, and moment plates we can make an assembly, namely a column. Therefore, in the assembly drawing, we not only need single parts but also their relative spacing.

shop drawing
Steel detailing, 3D view

In assembly drawing we aim to have the following details:

  • Parts spacing
  • Hole diameter
  • Workshop or site parts
  • Welding detail
  • Direction of installation
  • Section

In fact, by means of assembly drawing, we are aware of all information about parts position and dimension.

But remember! Shop drawing is not as simple as it looks.

The simple truth is any mistakes in the assembly drawing, can make huge problems in construction.

Indeed, steel detailers should have enough knowledge and experience. This means they should be experts in both construction and modeling.

Easy installation by a perfect general arrangement drawing

Providing assembly drawing sounds easy enough. But!

Each assembly drawing has it’s own right position. By placing all assemblies, the entire structure will form.

By now you have realized that we need General arrangement for installation purpose rather than fabrication.

Let’s see exactly how it works. It contains:

  • Each elevation plan
  • Name and position of each assembly
  • Height of each floor
  • Grids details
  • 3D view
  • Erection info

To sum up, a proper shop drawing can ease fabrication. Also, it will optimize material usage.

Don’t worry! Mr detailer is here to describe everything!

We will discuss how to make perfect steel detailing in another post.

Whats is your idea about shop drawing? Have you ever had problem with shop drawing?

Now it is your turn. Leave us a comment!



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